Welcome to FLEXTALK!

We believe the world gets better when we talk about things that matter with people who matter. That’s why we built FLEXTALK – to empower conversations for good, all around the world. So start talking about everything that matters – from relationships to parenting to habits and more.

Based on Values

Every video in our library offers key points that help you live by principles that work.

Built for Everywhere

Use our tools to spark conversations at home, work, school… anywhere you want to talk.

How It Works

FLEXTALK uses a 3-step “FLEX” method to empower conversations. First, find a topic from among hundreds of options. Next, learn about it by watching the short video and browsing related topics on your own. Finally, explore it in conversation with a group or mentor, using our discussion questions provided. Easy as 1-2-3!

Start Here

New here? Our Starter Series offer our 10 most popular topics in each category – making them just the thing to help you get started.

Make Discoveries

We believe truth is discovered through conversation.

Nobody likes to have someone else’s ideas crammed down their throats. That’s why we created a library of simple conversations. One topic at a time, you can discover the answers at your own pace.

Own the Process

We believe everyone should take ownership of their thoughts and actions.

No one can embrace values and principles for you. Our tools put the ball in your court, making it easy for you to move forward one topic at a time. But you have to come ready.

Get Empowered

We believe everyone can help someone get to the next level.

Helping people open their minds and achieve their goals shouldn’t be for rocket scientists. Our tools make it easy for anyone to pay it forward to the next person. Today someone is helping you. Tomorrow is your turn to help.

FLEXTALK mentoring changed my life!

I started meeting with my group over 3 months ago. We’ve talked about relationships, leadership, habits… and even addiction. I had no idea how powerful these little topics would be.

Alex Johnson