About Us

We make videos that empower conversations… to get people talking about everything that matters.

The world is changing at unprecedented speed, and our culture is losing its moral fabric. A new generation is growing up without the relationships and values that made our country great. That’s why we built FLEXTALK – to empower conversations before it’s too late.


Our tools use short, engaging videos and a 3-step “FLEX” method that empowers conversations for families, groups, and one-on-one mentoring relationships:

Find a Topic

Choose from hundreds of engaging options.

Learn About It

Watch the video and browse related topics on your own.

Explore Together

Connect with a group or mentor to talk it over.


Our ultimate goal is to see the world transformed into a better place through empowering conversations. This means we want to make “mentoring” a thing – in homes, in schools, at work, on teams… everywhere. We want to mobilize good people to make an impact on this generation and the next. Together, we believe we can change the world. 

Join the Movement

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Our videos are created with virtues in mind, designed to add value to people's lives.


We help you talk about almost everything, adding new content daily.


Talk isn't cheap - it's free. We don't charge for anything, thanks to user donations.