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The bachelor doesn’t have to be all mindless entertainment. There are some important lessons we can learn from it.

The Bachelor is often looked at like it’s just a show made for mindless entertainment. People think that there’s nothing you can gain from it, but that’s not true. Here are some lessons you can learn from watching the Bachelor.

Don’t Gossip

One important lesson you can learn from the Bachelor is don’t gossip. If you watch the show, you will see that most of the girls that gossip end up getting kicked off the show pretty early on. Gossipping and putting others down isn’t going to help you get far in life. It’s just going to make people dislike you and not want to be around you.

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Fantasy Isn’t Reality

Just because a relationship looks perfect doesn’t mean it actually is. You might see the girls on this show go on incredible dates around the world, but once the couple gets into the real world, they usually break up. This just goes to show that we can’t compare ourselves to others because we don’t always know the truth of others’ situations.

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Think Before You Speak

Oftentimes when the girls on the show are thrown into a high-pressure situation, they blurt out whatever comes to their mind first. Usually, that response sounds pretty dumb or rude. When you are in a high-pressure situation step back, assess the situation, and form a calculated response.

Be Real

The girls who are the most real and honest usually make it far in the competition. That’s because people will like you much more if you act like yourself and not someone else just to get attention. People can tell when you are being genuine and when you aren’t.

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If you watch the Bachelor, see if you can observe any of these lessons. You can learn a lot about life and how you should – and shouldn’t – behave from popular reality shows like the Bachelor. One of the most important lessons to learn from people on reality TV is to not be like the people on reality TV!

Talk About It
  1. What is your initial reaction to this topic? What jumped out at you?
  2. It’s well known that most reality TV shows like the Bachelor have plenty of changing and tweaking from the shows’ writers and directors. “Reality” TV is anything but! That said, do you think a lot of the situations on reality shows reflect real life? In what ways don’t they reflect real life?
  3. Do you often find yourself gossipping? Or do you know someone who gossips a lot? Why do you think gossiping is such a bad thing?
  4. Why is it important to think before you speak? Share a story if you have one.
  5. Have you ever struggled with comparing your life to the lives people portray on TV shows or social media? How does that affect the way you see yourself?
  6. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.