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We make videos that empower conversations for good, on just about any topic.

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How It Works

Our tools use a simple, 3-step “FLEX” method for discovery:

Find a Topic

Choose a topic or series from our online library.

Learn About It

Watch the video and browse related topics on your own.

Explore Together

Connect with a group or mentor to talk about it.

Ready to Start?

We’ve organized our content into “Start Pages” to create simple pathways for your next conversation.

Our Values

At FLEXTALK.org, we believe real life change happens when people have honest, informed conversations. So we’re building our tools on 3 core values:


We base our content on timeless virtues and common sense values.


We work to explain things in a way anyone can understand.


We love giving away high-quality resources every week.

Join the Movement

Anyone can pay it forward and help the next person. Our tools make it possible.