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This starter series for athletes will give you ten of our most popular topics. Find more on our NCAA Athletics Start Page.

#1 The Starter Conversation

Just getting started with our tools online? Use this conversation to get things going.

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#2 Know Your Identity

Singer and rapper Lecrae talks about where you can find your identity and how you can have empathy for others.

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#3 Next Level Work Ethic

Boise State basketball coach Phil Beckner helps us get to the next level of work ethic.

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#4 The Power of Habit

If you’re anything like most people, you have habits you probably want to break. Here’s how.

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#5 Breakthrough for Athletes

The only way to break through your natural performance barrier is to do what is unnatural.

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#6 Ownership for Athletes

True winners in life and sports understand that they can only control certain things. They take responsibility for those things and as a result gain ground in every other area of life.

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#7 Michael Jordan’s Top 10 Rules for Success

Michael Jordan is considered by many the greatest basketball player of all time. Here are his keys to success.

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#8 Unlocking Your Potential as an Athlete

Just as a massive tree starts off as a small seed, every athlete has hidden potential that is ready to blossom.

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#9 5 Problems with Being a Taker in Life

Takers are people who make life all about them and who become increasingly self-absorbed, often without even realizing it.

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#10 Close the Loop

The greatest leaders spread the leadership virus. This topic will show you how.

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